Purify the blue.

We make jewelry and accessories with 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic and give 50% of our profits to help clean up the ocean.
Pure Blue 3 Bracelet Set
Pure Blue 3 Bracelet Set
Pure Blue 3 Bracelet Set
Pure Blue 3 Bracelet Set
Pure Blue 3 Bracelet Set
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From Ali, with Love

Can style save the ocean? Sustainable startups and global clothing brands have been trying to answer this question for decades. Now it’s our turn. I started PurelyBlu to find the answer and set a new standard for corporate sustainability along the way. Join our movement to cleanup the ocean we all love so much.

50% of every purchase is donated to ocean cleanup.

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100% recycled ocean plastic, always and forever.

Every PurelyBlu product is made from 100% ocean bound plastic waste collected by our friends at #tide ocean material.

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Our Partners

#tide ocean material

Based in Basel, Switzerland, #tide collects plastic waste threatening our oceans and recycles it into the raw materials that PurelyBlu uses in every product.

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Project AWARE®

Project AWARE® is a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers – connecting the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation.

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Save the ocean
with style.

Our simple fashion statements are literally cleaning up the ocean and making waves of positive change in the world. If you love the ocean – the beauty, spirit, and adventure it embodies – show it, wear it, share it. Together we can #purifytheblue.


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